Chiropractors specialize in treating neck pains. After a physical exam, they can help alleviate the pain and make the stiffness go away through chiropractic adjustments, specific neck exercises and physiotherapy.

When to see a Chiropractor for Neck Pain?

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  -   Your neck pain is not improving after a few days

  -   Looking left or right is causing severe pain

  -   You are thinking of taking over-the-counter pain medicines to make it through your day

  -   You’re thinking that your neck pain is something serious

  -   Your neck pain started in the neck but moved to numbness in your hands

  -   Your neck pain started within a few days of a car accident

  -   You feel the worse pain in the morning but begin to feel a little better as the day go on

You should see a chiropractor if:

Our chiropractors will check the injury first by doing hands-on review then treat it in a number of ways. It depends on the location of the injury, our chiropractor can perform chiropractic adjustment to improve it functions, alleviate the nerve inflammation and restore its motion back.


Once you feel these, don’t hesitate to visit Garden City Chiropractic Center. We can relieve your neck or back pain so you can go about your day without the hassle.

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Back pain is a very common complaint. About 80% of Americans will have low back pain at least once in their lives. Before the back injury, there are pre-existing weaknesses within the spine. It can get worse once you lift heavy objects, sudden movement or sitting for a long time.

Back Pains

  -   Bulging or herniated discs

  -   Muscle spasms

  -   Subluxations of the vertebrae

  -   Strain or injury to the muscles or ligaments supporting the back

  -   Small fractures to the spine from osteoporosis

Causes of back pains: