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It's hard to do a lot of the fun activities that you love if you're in pain. We can help get you back in control of your own body and walking out of the building happily. A full examination, which can include x-rays and ultrasounds, will determine the exact cause of the pain. We'll then give you treatment and tips to get rid of that pain for good.

Take control of your body

Don't worry if you're not a regular. We always welcome new patients. You can even just walk in without an appointment.

  -   Lifestyle advice

  -   Spinal decompression therapy

  -   Electrical muscle stimulation

  -   Active rehabilitation and


  -   Spinal adjustment

  -   Supplements and vitamins

All of our pain management therapies

There are many ways to treat your aches and pains. But, sometimes, a professional massage works wonders. We offer a variety of different massage therapies, such as deep tissue and Swedish massage therapies. Get back to feeling good with a great massage.

Remove some of that pain with our excellent massage therapy

Emergency care is available for you and your family.


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